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I'am writing a typing app and I need to warn the user when Caps- or Num- Lock key is active or not. How can I show the Caps Lock state via GDScript?

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I don't think it's possible. Are you trying to rewrite a text input system?

No, I have not try to rewrite the input system. I take a look on these.

The only way I see at the moment is to react to the caps lock key and show a warning sign, but when the applikation starts with caps lock enabled that's do not work. :(

I think the feature is not implemented indeed. You could ask for it by opening an issue on GitHub, it sounds like a good thing to provide in the OS singleton. Something like bool OS::is_caps_lock_enabled().

Ok, this sounds like a plan.

There's a github feature proposal. Log on and give it a thumbs up so that they can prioritize the development.

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