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when I want to open the game scene it says "fix dependencies"? I don´t know where the problem is, because I actually didn´t change anything.

would appreciate answers

Godot version v3.5.stable.official [991bb6ac7]
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You have likely renamed or moved files and it can't find those anymore.
Did you move some files into a new directory?

You could try editing the .tscn file in a text editor and see what the dependencies are.

The dialog that I'm familiar with should provide some details regarding what dependencies can't be found, and then provide you with some choices for proceeding. Is that what you're seeing? If so, what are the additional details provided in the dialog?

As mentioned by others, this is generally caused by referenced files file getting moved to another location outside of Godot's control.

also, you should be able to right-click the scene in editor directory and choose "edit dependencies"

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