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I have some rigidbodies with very thin collision shapes. I have noticed that when interacting with some other rigidbodies they tend to bounce around and settle into weird positions.
An image of the described collider setup

In this screenshot I have a slice of bacon, a stove, and a testing cube. The stove is composed of two collision shapes for the body connected to a static body. The stove static body has a rigidbody child with 4 cylinder colliders, with the rigidbody set to static mode. The bacon and cube are simple rigidbodies with cube colliders that have been reshaped.

I used a test cube to verify that it's only thin colliders causing the issue, not some other more complicated issue. When a collider is thick, it settles as expected with little bouncing. When a collider is thin, it bounces wildly and settles into strange positions. This only happens on the stove burners, not the stove body. I have attempted using continuous CD, increasing mass, using physics materials to absorb bouncing and increase friction, but nothing changes.

Is there any known issue with thin colliders on rigidbodies behaving this way? Is there another possible cause I'm overlooking?

Godot version 3.5.1
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I kept changing things around and I've been able to narrow it down to the CyliderShape used for the stove burners. When changed to a BoxShape, the collisions behave as expected. The problem seems to just be between thin BoxShape rigidbodies and the top of CylinderShape rigidbodies.

Thank you! I was wondering why my RigidBody with a thin CollisionShape was clipping into my other objects too. I wish the CylinderShape worked as well as the BoxShape...

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