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I was making MainMenu UI for my project ![enter image description here][1]

[1]: Here's the UI

Easy and not much node there. It's all good before and when I get back to project to add texture to button all of the buttons are not working I check all the mouse filter it set to Stop. I also did try to make a basic new button in a new scene... But it also not working.
Also make a same basic button in another project just to make sure and it working just fine...

So, I don't know if there are any setting in project that ignore Mouse Input.

Sorry if my explanation is confusing,, I'm pretty new to making game. Thank you

Godot version 3.5 stable
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Also make a same basic button in another project just to make sure and it working just fine...

Looks like you have another Control node that is grabbing the mouse input. What you said is not confusing, Control nodes are what is confusing! I think everybody has problems with the way Godot's UI is structured. Nothing to do except go through your entire project and temporarily disable (#comment out) each line of code or disable each node that might be using the UI mouse input.

Since you can just press Ctrl-Z to go back, make a backup of your project and just start deleting nodes until you find which one is stealing the input. It's hard to be organized but it would probably be worth it to write down which nodes/scripts are using mouse input for Control nodes so you can be understand the structure you created.

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Thank you.

I try to go through everything as you said..

And well there's a Transition Singleton that I make blocking it. I wonder why every new Control scene also not working hahaha

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