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I know this is a long shot because the source has been hidden away in some corporate Electronic Arts server... but does anyone have an idea of how Maxis Studios accomplished their automatic weight-painting, rigging, and IK system for in-game character creation? Any scrap of information is good.

It seems that after EA bought Spore, they buried this technology with the death of the game. For reasons I don't understand, no other game to date has a character creation system like spore -- where the legs, arms, and body move differently depending on their custom shape. How did they do this?

Godot version 3.5.1
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This GDC talk by one of the spore developers talks about a number of procedural systems, including the ones used by spore's procedural animation. https://youtu.be/WumyfLEa6bU?t=1059

The actual implementation is proprietary and EA does not seem like the kind of company to share those kinds of details.

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Thank you so much.

So strange that they keep the technology and hide it away so others don't see, only to never use it again.

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