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Hello, I am trying to create an editor tool (Godot 4) for 3d to automatically create an array of spawn positions for the player. I want this tool to have a visible in the editor as a box shape. I tried to use a collision shape with a box shape, since it can be seen in the editor and update its shape, but I want to get rid of its configuration warning. I tried overriding _get_configuration_warnings in the base class (derived from CollisionShape3D) but the parent configuration warning is still displayed. How can I get rid of it ?

Godot version 4.0-beta14
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You seem to be out of luck, Node get's it's configuration warnings from the script (or an empty string) and built in nodes append to this.

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Have you considered using a CSGBox3d? It's a parametrically defined cuboid 3d shape visible (and editable) in the editor, and then you can make it transparent as needed, or flat out invisible in the actual running game/program if needed (or simply free it once its served its purpose). There's various other CSG classes as well, which I think can be combined together to make more complex shapes using boolean operations, but I've never used that function of them so I don't know how useful that would be here - that said, you can read more on them here:

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