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I'm trying to use vector graphics in Godot, and i know it don't natively support it, but it's possible to to convert the vectors in a 3D format, an then load it into a mesh. I have seen the "3D in 2D" example, but the method used seems to not use common 3D rendering. (it just seems to convert the 3d object into a raster image. (?)

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I guess you can try converting them into polygons. Otherwise it's planned to have mesh functionality in 2D for future versions.

I'm waiting for support for vector fonts ._. All the text in my game is really low quality...

Then... use a bigger font so you get a better definition^^

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For my case, I straight-up used it as a texture in a Sprite node. However, my little knowledge on vector art ends up causing my youtube videos to load much slower whenever I open a project involving vectors. Just recently, I've learnt to optimize svg.

While Godot has nanoscg for rendering vector art, it's apparently intended for small icons. Other takes on rendering vector art have come and go.

For now, the best way to use vector graphics is to export them as png instead.

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