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I am trying to connect a signal of a InputEvent to a function in my C# code:

inst.GetNode<Area2D>("Area2D").InputEvent += tileclicked;

public void tileclicked(Viewport viewport, InputEvent @event, int shapeIdx)

inst is a Node2D to which is attached a Area2D.When building I get the following warning:

No overload for 'tileclicked' matches delegate CollisionObject2D.InputEventEventHandler'

How do I proceed to connect the signal to a function and get all of the parameters ?


Godot version 4.0 RC1
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Not sure if you've sorted this or not but for anyone who has this problem too like I did then the shapeIdx parameter needs to be long, not int.

The delegate is defined like this: public delegate void InputEventEventHandler(Node viewport, InputEvent @event, long shapeIdx);

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