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Hello, it's me again !

So, I have a new problem with textures this time !

I explain :

I've an element Area 3D with the following tree :

-- CollisionShape3D

So, this element have a long sprite, that displays following the z axis.

I've put some of these elements (along with others) in a scene, as subscenes, and then I've a Camera that move alongside the Z axis, in topview.

New, my problem :
All textures are displayed fine, BUT for this specific element (and not the others) the sprite isn't displayed directly. Some screens to explain :

enter image description here

There is not problem with others elements (like the little error that can be seen), as they aren't "popping", but are displayed partially, as intended.

Have you any ideas for solving this ? :/
(i've tried some things with the viewport render_update, but had no results :/ )

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Maybe is a camera effect or light, more details about the scene structure like camera, light and sprite locations may be helpful to try to understand what happens.

What kind of logic do you have for your walls to show and hide? Are you using the visibility notifier?

All elements are set at the beginning so I'm not showing or hiding them.

I only have the default light.
I'm using a 3D camera with perspective projection moving on the z axis. (y position:900)
All elements are whether on the plane on y=0 or y=-200

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