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I was working on some project and I noticed when I wanted to build it, it happened this:


so don't really know what's going on in here, apparently is an error from the Engine itself, correct me if I'm wrong...

Version: Godot 2.1.3-latest-stable

Additional Note: this is happening on all projects I compile. Should I re-download Godot and check if the problem continues? I haven't tried that just yet.

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Are you using the export templates for 2.1.3?
Parse errors use to happen when the export template is not the same version as the editor.

Hmmm I was messing up with 3.0 maybe that's where the error is coming from. I redownloaded 2.1.3 stable exports and reimported them into Godot, redownloaded the godot 2.1.3 stable binaries and refreshed everything, and now everything is just working fine :D

Thanks for replying :D

To prevent configuration problems, I use the self contained mode for each version, you need to add a file called ._sc_ (or just _sc_ on windows for 2.1.2+) in the same directory as the executable.

That way, each editor uses it's own editor_data directory instead of a general user folder.

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