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I'm writing an importer, and some of the intermediary resources it processes/extracts, such as images for textures, are being saved in the usual save_file location.

The files are saved in the project folder within the '.godot/imported' location, which means that if the project name is 123.prj, the resources are saved at '.godot/imported/123/'.

All works fine running the project in the editor, but when the project is exported to Windows or HTML, the resources do not seem to be packed, and the runtime freezes, complaining," that it "cannot open file", that it "failed loading resource," that it had "parse error" from the file (due to missing resources), or that it "can't load dependency" for a scene (that uses the resource related to the importer).

Are the data on the .godot/imported folder packed when exported? Am I missing something, like configuration or anything else in the exporting process?

Godot version Godot 4 RC 6
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