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I can use Image.load() successfully but get a warning:

WARNING: Loaded resource as image file, this will not work on export: 'res://art/menu/screenshot-logo-bottom.png'. Instead, import the image file as an Image resource and load it normally as a resource.

When I try to workaround this, using load(), it returns a CompressedTexture object.

But how to convert that into an Image?

Or, is there a better way than load()?

Godot version 4.0
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You can convert CompressedImage2D (and any texture that inherits Texture2D) using get_image method (https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_texture2d.html#class-texture2d-method-get-image). Note that each time you call this method new Image is created (this method is not cached).

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