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I just made the switch from Godot 3.5 to Godot 4.0 and was disappointed to find out that it crashes when I open a new project?
I have an NVIDIA GTX 560 (I get it, it's old), but it used to run perfectly, even with an old graphics card.

Does anyone have a solution?

Godot version 4.0
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If you start Godot from a CMD terminal and add the --verbose command line option, do you see any interesting information logged to the terminal?

After returning "Orphan StringName: (Random Key)" about 100 times, it says "StringName: 520 unclaimed string names at exit.", and then Godot quits, and nothing happens in command prompt.

What happens of you start it again from the CMD terminal, but don't use the --verbose switch? Maybe the useful messages are getting lost in the noise added by that switch...

I found your comment about adding "--rendering-driver opengl3" onto my command prompt and it worked perfectly, opening the project without crashing.
Thank you so much for your help!

Oh, nice. Glad you got it working. I'll convert the above to an answer to wrap this one up.

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Based on the above discussions, the fix here was to start Godot using the opengl driver via the --rendering-driver opengl3 command line argument.

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