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I'm making a logger script for my game, with a function that when is called, opens the log file, inserts the log text, and then closes it.

But I have run into a problem. Each time the new text overwrites the old one, so I would like to know how to append to the file instead.

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Open the file with mode READ_WRITE, seek to the end with seek_end(), optionally insert a newline with store_string("\n") and write your log text.

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I was so close then! I did exactly that but just in WRITE mode.

if your using windows and your file is read in notepad like me, ("\n") will not work, so you should use ("\r"). That much is what I know, regarding seek_end(), it doesn't seem to go to the end of my file. It just stays in the beginning. I'll update this when I got the chance to understand why.

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