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I am working on pixel-art game. I've created a custom style for my gui elements. Of course everything is based on the StyleBoxTexture. For the font I am using a 16-sized, non-anti aliased, pixelated font. When I create a Label and set it's Vertical Alignment to Center I get a font which is shifted too high, as if the line height was wrong, or the inner part of the button was wrongly calculated.

Alignment center

Alignment center

Is there a way of dealing with this issue, apart from writing a custom Label node where I would draw the background myself and create a text-only label correctly positioned?

Godot version 4.0 release
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Try creating a FontVariation and adjust Extra Spacing -> Top

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Increasing the top of Extra spacing made the button oversized, but making bottom go negative fixed the issue. Thank you for help.

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