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Hello, I want to set up my 2D project for a large pixel size, while not pixelating and the camera is smooth. There are several things that confuse me:
1. Small viewport resolution. I'm afraid this will pixelate on some platforms, so I don't know if I should use a small window size, or a standard size with a large camera zoom.
2. I noticed low physics accuracy at large pixels (I will have physical bodies with a size of one pixel). Partially the problem was solved by reducing the free fall by 8 times, as well as other physics settings by the same amount. But I don't know how much it will affect performance.
(The resolution of my project is ~150 pixels wide)

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1) You'll have a much easier time with either a "small window size" or a "small viewport size". Ultimately you'll have to go with a viewport for such a small game world, because if you have any UI it will be pretty much unreadable unless you use a higher resolution for text etc.

Check out this picster tutorial for camera ideas:
Plus there are more pixel-perfect tricks on youtube

2)Unlikely you'll have to worry about 2D physics performance unless you're on an extremely low power CPU like raspberry pi, but even then should still be ok.

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Thanks I will try this

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