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For example, in GDScript it would look like this:
onready var node = $"../Node"

But how to do something like this in C#...?

Godot version 3.5.2
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onready is just syntax sugar, in Godot 3.X you have to do this manually by putting your code to _Ready method of you node:
public Node node; public override void _Ready() { node = GetChild<Node>("my/path/to/node"); }
There is a better way of importing nodes in Mono in Godot 4. You can simply export Node and drag and drop it using GUI. Then it will be available even before _Ready() is called.
[Export] public Node node;
You can try this example in Godot 3.X, but I' not sure if this feature was cherry-picked to 3.X branch.

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