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My code in short is

extends Resource
class_name Blueprint

@export var recipe: Array[BlueprintRecipeItem] = []

func _init(p_recipe = []):
    recipe = p_recipe

but with this I get an error:

Trying to assign an array of type "Array" to a variable of type "Array[BlueprintRecipeItem]".

I also tried [null] instead of []

Godot version 4.0.1
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1 Answer

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Hi there! Your post inspired me to write an article on the topic. Here is what I believe will solve your problem, please let me know if you have feedback for it or if this solves it! Good luck and I hope I’ve helped.

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Did you actually try that out?
Because I specifically said I also tried [] and still got the error, actually it was the first thing I tried.

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