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The following code gives the following error and I'm not sure why or what its implying. I'm using a square so think that there should only be eight neighbours but when I loop over just 8 I only get 4 neighbours returned.


E 0:00:01:0740 @ input(): Method/function failed. Returning: pcoords
<C++ Source> scene/2d/tilemap.cpp:3490 @ getneighbor_cell() @ _input()

extends Node2D

var tilemap

func _ready():
tilemap = $TileMap

func input(event):
var mouseposition = get
var tile = tilemap.localtomap(mouseposition)
var checkCell = tilemap.getusedcells(0)
if !checkCell.has(tile):
var neighbors = []
for i in 16:
var getNeigbor = tilemap.getneighborcell(tile, i )
for i in 16:
tilemap.setcell(0, neighbors[i], 0, Vector2i(0,0))
cell(0, tile, 1, Vector2i(0,0))
print("Tile already here")

Godot version 4.0 latest stable
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