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Tried to export the Godot 4 library sample game (https://github.com/gdquest-demos/godot-4-3d-third-person-controller) to an HTML5 web game.

Showed missing headers in SharedArray Buffer & Origin Isolation; solved this using a Node.js/Express server with correct headers (using CORS npm package)

But after this, the game fails to load and chrome crashes after the game's progress bar loads 50%.

I understand Godot 4 team is working on WebGL & HTML, but is there anything I can do to fix or contribute to this issue?

- J

Godot version Godot 4.0.1
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Update: trying to convince a stellar team to move from Unity to Godot. Just need this demo to work in my pitch deck. Would really appreciate any directionality in this regard.

What version of emscripten are you using?

using emscripten 3.133

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