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I create my levels in blender and have 2 collections: one for visual meshes, and one for colliders (ending with the -colonly tag). everything imports fine in godot, but the inherited scene is messed up. I open the glb file and click "new inherited" because i want to be able to update the level in blender. In the inherited scene, I reparent the colliders to a new node, (a navmesh node, because i have to do it that way) If i save the scene and reopen, all of the meshes i moved are duplicated and placed outside the parent node. I've tried deleting and saving but it keeps doing this. Id really like to avoid breaking inheritance for this. please tell me this is a bug and not by design.

Godot version 3.5
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You cant changed the hierarchy in a GLTF inherted scene. I just changed my navigation system to use a group to find the colliders.

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