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while debuging / running , I switch Remote scene-tree , the inspector can reflect the realtime properties. (also can change)
But I NEED realtime node-info In visual (see in 3d-editor) EVEN for now I can modify the transform the node in 3d-editor. BUT only one-way.

IE: I run debug & translate node , I want to see the posiition changed in 3d-editor.

is the feature supported for now?

Godot version 4.0
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Do I understand it correctly, that when you run a scene from the editor, you want the translation in the running game to be reflected in the scene in the editor?

What you see in the editor is like a "default value" for how things are, if a running game changed that, you would never have a deterministicly running game.

Also godot can't run you game in-editor, if that's what you mean.

The remote scene tree is the state of the currently running game (spawned by godot in a separate window, that is why it's called remote - not related to the current window (editor), but the running game window). It updates as updates happen in your game while it's running.
The scene tree is the state of the scene as you want it to be when you load it into a game.

Ok. Got it. Thanks for your clearly description.
Maybe AS I migrate from unity SO I always consider the "3d editor " is scene-view. (which just dynamic reflect the gameObjects state in 3d-visual form)

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see answer by @zhyrin

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