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I feel like I might be missing the easy solution here...
I got a dictionary, which includes a key / value par containing the reference to a .tscn. However, during the rest of the code, I cannot access that tscn, since the value gets interpreted as string instead of PackedScene, and so far I've failed to convert the value...

var weapon_data = {
"MG1" : {
    weapon_params.damage : 1,
    weapon_params.projectile_speed : 50,
    weapon_params.fire_delay : 1,
    weapon_params.projectile_scene : "res://scatter/bullet.tscn",
    weapon_params.mount : weapon_type.gun


bulletScene = GameData.weapon_data["MG1"][GameData.weapon_params.projectile_scene]

fails with the debugger error "Trying to assign value of type 'String" to a variable of type 'PackedScene'.

Godot version 4.0
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I dont know your weapon_params variable so I wrote the keys as string.

Godot scene example image

First I loaded the scene.Then I instantiated it.After this you can use this as a child but if you want to use more than one bullet you have to duplicate it.

Code :

extends Control

var weapon_data = { 
        "MG1" : {
            "damage" : 1,
            "projectile_speed" : 50,
            "fire_delay" : 1,
            "projectile_scene" : "res://bullet.tscn",

func _ready():
    var bulletScene : PackedScene = load(str(weapon_data["MG1"]["projectile_scene"]))
    var bulletInstance : Node = bulletScene.instantiate()
    for i in range(10):
        var bullet : Node = bulletInstance.duplicate()
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that solved it, thanks! I was missing the load(str(...)) part

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