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I am saving the save file in the user:// folder in the Android environment as follows.

const SAVE_FILE_PATH: String = "user://gamedata.save"

func game_save() -> void:
    var save_file := File.new()
    save_file.open_encrypted_with_pass(SAVE_FILE_PATH, File.WRITE, FILE_PASS)

The above code works fine.
I wanted to open the saved file, so I connected the USB and looked up the user:// directory.

When I checked Android/data/[Package Name], the save file was not inside. There is a cache folder, but this folder contains only UnityAdsCache data.

the device is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (not use external memory)

Finally, my goal is to update the data saved by Godot Engine to a separate app developed with the same keystore, package name, and then load the save file from that app.

It's a special situation that might sound a little weird, but you need to check if there are any saved files anyway.

Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

Godot version 3.2
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