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So I've been trying to get my character (player.gd) to interact with an object, while in it's hitbox, Not when area is entered. I've tried to work around it, with my limit knowledge. But it hasn't been successful.

I have no idea what is causing the problem, nor how to fix it. So i'll just link the entire project

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Try to make a small project to test features where you have problems (I have a project with dozens of small test scenes) so you can isolate the problem and identify it, that ways others may be able to give more help.

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Okay thanks to Bullet Shower demo. (Probably should look at those more often)

What I should have been asking is, how do I activate a script when enter a area, then I activate another when I exit. Since I was able to activate a function when I entered a object, but it would not stop going when I exited an object.

How I solved the issue? I selected my area collision node in player, and then signaled player.gd when I entered an object, and exited. Thus giving me power to activate a script while colliding(Until I exited the object).

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