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I am trying to set up a default hitbox and hurtbox template as in a youtube guide.
The guide uses godot 3 and I´m using godot 4. So i need some help how to do this in Godot 4.
The main issue are with how connect() work in godot 4. I have tried some variants but not found a working solution so far.
I get 3 error codes, 2 of the saying that i cannot use string in connect() and the last is when having self inside the connect()

The code so far are:

class_name MyHurtBox
extends Area2D

func _init() -> void:
    collision_layer = 0
    collision_mask = 2

func _ready() -> void:
    connect("area_entered", self, "_on_area_entered")

func _on_area_entered(hitbox: MyHitBox) -> void:
    if hitbox == null:

    if owner.has_method("take_damage"):
Godot version Godot 4.02
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2 Answers

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As always, covered by the documentation:

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reference the object wich the signal is coming from. say you had a button and you were hooking that up

func _ready():

func function_to_perform():
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I prefer the syntax of this answer (with correct indentation of course) - Works great!

thank you you may select it as the best answer. also I'm sorry but I wrote the code in the browser and tab indenting doesn't work well like that

sorry wrong thread

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