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Trying to use Godot 4 ,but this keeps showing up. Godot 3 seems to work fine. I have a Gtx 1650 and a AMD Ryzen integrated graphics card. I used the Godotv4.0.2-stablewin64.exe --rendering-driver opengl3 and everything is fine until I try to run a scene and the same thing happens. I've tried updating my drivers and setting the graphics preference.

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Same problem. A quick fix to that is to select the "Compatibility" renderer, either when you start the project or in the top right corner of the editor.

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Thanks it does work, but shouldn't I be able to run the other rendering options? Are the other rendering options even important or useful?

With respect to the rendering options, the engine may not be able to find the correct vulkan drivers for your GPU of choice. If the AMD iGPU can't be used, maybe try forcing the executable to use the GTX 1650.

Same issue. I am running from a laptop, The CPU is an AMD 5800H which has integrated graphics but the executable is running with the NVIDIA graphics card.

I have the latest drivers, I've tried forcing high-performance graphics mode on the executable from both Windows and the Nvidia control panel. same result. I can open the project manager but as soon as I try to edit a project in Forward+ or Mobile, it will give me the same error that OP gets


C:\Godot>Godot Engine v4.0.2.stable.official.7a0977ce2 -
OpenGL API 3.3.0 NVIDIA 531.79 - Compatibility - Using Device: NVIDIA Corporation - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
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