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I was wondering if there was a tutorial series showing how you guys made Escoria. I'm currently reverse engineering the esc-script to fit the needs of my own project. It'd be a lot faster if I knew how you guys made it.

I'd primarily like to know how esc-script works, but I would like to see it all, from the inventory system, down to the save system.

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Well, no, there is no tutorial series about how Escoria was made.

Escoria was first created for a professional project (The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça) by Okam Studios with some experience thanks to the port of Deponia game for iOS that was made with Godot. During this development phase, I don't believe notes were written down.

So, I'm afraid your only solution is to look at Escoria's source code yourself and understand its functionment by yourself.

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I'm on my own? Great that's like leaving a flamethrower to a pyromaniac. It's stupid and destructive.

I'm sorry of your disappointment, but you can't blame anyone for not having a tutorial to explain the underlying mechanics of a software. This happens extremely rarely, as usually documentation targets final users, not technicians.

You should be happy to be able to look at the source code by yourself. It is free and open source. So I don't see any flamethrower here.

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I was looking for How Escoria was made.
No how to use Escoria.

Really? Please, read!
Open the link i provided, look on the left, and you will see categories like:
"How to start your Escoria project"
"Create your first scene"
"Create Actions"

And "Escoria Fundamentals" which includes "The items" "Main Scene" "Inventory"

Or i'm missing something really obvious or you didn't even mind to click on the link.
There's everything in there from the setup of the scene to item structure.
Don't hope to find a step-by-step complete tutorial.

And btw, this link was provided to me by googling around 5 seconds on " how to make escoria", so....

I know how to use Escoria. I know how to use esc-script. How to set up a item's position, and etc. I know how to do that stuff.

What I am asking about is the Escoria Code. How they made, because I want to make my own version of it. I don't want Escoria's vm,, or main scene.

So when I said "I'd like to know how esc-script works" I meant how you made it in gdscript, not how you program with it.

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