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How to encryp a string in godot?
I know how to save a string to file with encrypting but I dont know how to do it without saving any file. Is there is any way?

Godot version 3.5.1
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Depending on the details of your use-case, there are a number of cryptographic'ish methods available for the String class. For example, hash(), md5_text(), sha1_text(), and sha256_text(). All will allow you to convert a plain-text string into some form of hashed representation...

Maybe one of those will suit your needs?

String docs here:

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Thank you. But for example I used md5_text for encrypting, how I will decrypt again amd get the original text?

Most hashing algorithms (including MD5) are not intended to be "reversed". So, there's no reasonable way of retrieving the original text from an MD5 hash.

For a reversable mechanism, you might take a look as AES. The docs show an example of both encryption and decryption.

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