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When I hold down the D-pad on the DualShock controller, it causes the player character to stop moving. To resume movement, I need to press the D-pad again. It appears that Godot mistakenly detects the release of the D-pad button when I haven't actually released it. This issue occurs specifically with the D-pad on the DualShock controller, as there are no problems when using the keyboard or Xbox D-pad.

This looks like an old problem.
Interestingly, if I switch back to the keyboard after encountering the issue with the DualShock D-pad, it seems like the problem persists and affects the keyboard input as well, causing the player character to stop intermittently. However, once I disconnect the DualShock 4 controller, the keyboard input immediately functions correctly again.

Based on my observations, I don't believe the issue lies within the movement script, as it works flawlessly with the keyboard, Xbox D-pad, and even the DualShock joystick. The problem only arises with the DualShock D-pad.

Godot version 3.5.1.stable
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I think you should report in this in the github repo.

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