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So I was following a tut on yt and this bit of code won't work

func move(delta):

axis = get_input_axis()

if axis == Vector2.ZERO
    pass #apply friction

    pass #apply movement


This is in a 2d world and all that jazz but the main thing that won't work is the
"if axis == Vector2.ZERO" The tut used a long = so I thought it was just a = but twice but I was wrong and it won't work no matter what I do.
Any help is appreciated

Godot version 4.0
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You’re missing a colon on the if statement.

if axis == Vector2.ZERO:

It’s always worth double-checking against the source material to confirm the code is the same, and then checking again (and in this case, reading the error message). Potentially fixing the indentation too, although I assume that’s the forum.

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