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Hi so Im working on a 2d platformer that has two different sets of items to collect that are kept track of with two different progress bars.
What is supposed to happen is that when the player picks up ten of the A Items, the A Progress bar is full and it changes scenes. Which does happen.
But I wanted to make it so that if the player had collected a certain amount of B Items they'd be sent to a different scene than usual.

this is the code on the player:

func _on_work_accomplished_3():
if Autoload.Glitches >= 3:

the work Accomplished is the signal the A progress bar sends out when 10 items have been collected
and Glitches is the name of the B Item

this is the script I have on the progress bar:

    extends CanvasLayer

var works = 0
signal WorkAccomplished3

func _ready():
    $workprogress/ProgressBar.value = works
    if works == 10:

func _on_work_done():
    works = works + 1
    if works == 10:

the work_done is a signal the A Item send when its been collected.

Everything works perfectly fine when I take the if else statement out of the code and just have it change scene, so I don't think its an issue with the Items or the Progress Bar

Godot version 4
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Hi, what is the value of Autoload.Glitches? Is it greater than 3?

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