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So i'm getting used to working with tilemaps on godot and i have stumbled into a problem.
I'm making rpg full topdown and the map is like the maps on tabletop rpg's. And when i create a tile that isn't a square it stays offgrid, i'm trying to make a tile of a wall that is 25 x 100 but when i use it in the tilemap the image appears two "blocks" away from the actual block in which my mouse is. And if i put the tile the sprite appears but the collision box go to two bocks away. Also there is a way to make a tilemap that accepts overlap between tiles and tiles of differente sizes? working with different layers (nodes) of tilemaps isn't optimal.

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TileMaps have a tile origin setting that controls whether tiles are placed at their centre or one of their corners.
Tile Origin

TileMaps also have a Y Sort mode you can turn on to allow tiles to overlap tiles behind them.
Y Sort

With that, make sure you're setting the offset points of your tile sprites correctly.

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