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I am using areas and detect collisions with area_enter(area) but some collisions are not detected.
It is rare that detects collisions me without using collision shape
I need an example. Thanks.

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Have you connected the body_enter signal ? It detects Kinematic Static and Rigid bodies. But I never tested if it detects the Areas.

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Amigo traducila tu pregunta al ingles, si quieres respuesta en este foro XD

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Ahí está gracias! ;)

I need to translate the answer to understand what it says, that "write in english"

RetroDan007, lo que voy a decir no va en tu contra todo lo contrario solo hago a modo de observación para las personas que leen esto.

Creo que estamos en un mundo de libre expresión y los norteamericanos son quienes más apoyan eso, lo digo por el ingles, detesto los portales y foros (y hay muchos) que te exigen escribir en ingles, si escribes en español está malo.

NO veo el error y lo malo de hacer una pregunta en español, de la misma manera que nosotros debemos traducir al ingles creo que los de habla inglesa debería hacer lo mismo con el español, traducirlo y poder responder, .... no lo digo de mala onda y ni ser antipático, solo creo que es justo y así debería corresponder.

Siento que no por ser el ingles el idioma "de habla universal" debe ser un idioma arrogante, si es por eso, por población el idioma que más se habla es el Chino, es mi opinión así pienso yo y lamento incomodar a algunas personas.

Aquiles: Well it's easy. If you want an answer you speak a language that everybody (or at least as many people as possible) can read. And by convention, it's English, whether you like it or not. It's not a matter of being arrogant Northern Americans or whatever, most of us here are not native English speakers. But we do the effort, because we want our questions and answers to be used for as many people as possible.

Just imagine for one instant if everyone would ask questions in their native language here. Out of 10 questions, you'd have one in English, one in Spanish, one in French, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Swahili, Portuguese, Hindi... and well maybe a second one in Spanish. This Q&A would become utterly useless, as it would be hard to find questions that you can understand, and even harder to find the ones that you can answer (as usually one can't answer all technical questions). Same thing for looking up answers...

Now, feel free to setup a Q&A instance for Spanish speakers, where the rule will be to ask questions in Spanish.

Akien: Thanks for showing me your opinion, I will be very respectful of my answers, just making an observation of what I feel and think, what you tell me is true this may not be in many languages do not understand, but I think could be considerations.

Thanks for your opinion

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