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I have simple isometric scene with capsule character that has typical toon shader on it and unshaded plane that character stands on. On PC everything working fine but when i export game to my phone fps drops to 25.
As i noticed fps goes up to 60 when plane no longer on the screen. What can i do with that?

Godot version 4.1
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Research it more, perhaps. Who here knows what your plane is or does? I'd have to guess out of million possible reasons.

Nothing actualy, just staticbody with meshinstance and collisionshape, actualy i already deleted it and placed a new one but it doesn't help at all. My only thought that this is happening because when plane doesn't exist, it doesn't need to render anything on 90% of the screen.

That you could test by having your character, or a PlaneMesh, drawn over entire screen instead of your plane. Phones are way weaker than PCs, still any one should be able to fill the screen over a number of times and never dip below 60 frames.

I found out that this wasn't the plane. It was actualy DirectionalLight3D. Basicaly any scene with directional light runs on my phone with huge frame drops.

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