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They always pop up below (or above) the button, and I want to try to change it to appear on the left, right, or fixed position of the button (such as the center of the screen).
I can use the GetPopup() method to get the button's subitem popup menu, but changing its position doesn't work.

Godot version v4.1.stable.mono.official [970459615]
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1 Answer

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This seems to work for me...

func _on_menu_button_pressed():
    var popup = $MenuButton.get_popup()
    popup.position = Vector2i(100,100)

(wired to the menu button's pressed event). That same code does not, however, work from the _ready() function - which is what I tried first. Presumably, because the auto-calculated position is set at some point during the interaction phase...

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