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so i am trying to make an object that points towards the mouse and orbits around a player . i found that i can simply use lookat(getglobalmouseposition()) to point it at the mouse and have the sprite2d offset so that it orbits around the player and it works. then i wanted to flip the object vertically if its rotated toward the left of the player. thats where the porblems start. i found that you can use getangleto in combination with radtodeg but the value that it gets seems wrong. sometimes it only sets a value while the mouse is moving and sometimes it makes it negativeand its always a value way below 0. Does anyone know why this is?

Godot version 4
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Can you share your code ? It would be easier to answer then.

here you go:

 extends Sprite2D
var AngleToMouse
func _process(delta):
    #find angle to mouse and flip if backwards
    AngleToMouse = rad_to_deg(get_angle_to(get_global_mouse_position()))
        flip_v = true
        flip_v = false
    #look at mouse

Could you consider something like this :

func _process(_delta): 
#look at mouse

# do something with the node rotation
if(global_rotation_degrees < 0):
    flip_v = true
    flip_v = false

look_at function rotates the node to the mouse so I dont think we need to calculate it again just look at the mouse first then you can do whatever you want with the rotation variable.

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