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Hello. So, I'm using a Tileset to draw my map, but, some of those tiles need to have some behaviour. In this case some spikes that hurt the player.

I have those spikes as a scene, and imported it. It works fine, now, I would like to be able to have those spikes in different rotation, so I don't have to have 4 different scenes changing only that.

Is it possible? Or, is it possible to add some kind of property to it and control it with a script?


Godot version 4.1
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1 Answer

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I dont use tilesets but did you try randomizing it in your spike scene ready function. Something like this :

func ready():
    rotation = Vector2(randf_range(0,360),randf_range(0,360))
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Sorry this was meant to be a comment. I wasnt aware that I clicked the answer button. :|

Hey! Thanks but that's not a possible solution. The reason is that the spikes must be aiming up when they are on the ground, right/left, on a wall etc. I don't want it random haha.

The solution should be something like with a normal tile, that you can rotate or flip it. I can't find how to do it on a scene tile

I understand would something like this work then :

@export var is_on_wall : bool = true
@export var is_flipped : bool = false
func _ready():
    var random_direction : int = randi_range(0,3)
    var flip = 1 if is_flipped else -1
    if is_on_wall:
        rotation = Vector2(random_direction * 45, flip * 90)
        rotation = Vector2(0, random_direction * 45)

The thing is, can i set those variables from here in any way?

enter image description here

Otherwise, I still need to have 4 different scenes, one with each possible option, and would be the same that just rotating the sprite and not using the script.

I looked at the tileset documentation now and I guess this is the feature you want

No scripting is needed afterall.

Yes haha, I want exactly that. But, that works for when it's an atlas. In my case I need it to be an scene since the tile has it's own script and behaviour. If it's possible with scenes the option is not showing for me.

Actually the documentation talks about that too in here like assigning a damagepersecond variable :

Anyways I looked around and tried to search some similar questions but couldnt find anything. I dont use tilesets normally and I cant think of anything else either so I hope you find a solution soon!

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