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I need to get a list of objects of a given group in the stage before I add this scene to the tree. How to do it?

var vp_Scn1=ResourceLoader.load(es://Test1.scn).instance()
var vp_Spisok=vp_Scn1.**get_nodes_in_group("Predmet")**
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And the getnodesin_group() method doesn't work?

Works when:


but for scenes not added to the tree is not working. But I need to get the list before the scene will be added to the tree

Well, untill you add the child to the scene it is outside the tree, so I'm not sure you can access it's children, because the node wouldn't even be processing yet I think.

Maybe you can hide it, then add it, do what you need, hen unhide it. I need to test some more, if you have a test scene to spare that would be great.

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