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This might be 2 different questions, but they seem to be related. (TLDR: Why does area2d gravity still effect rigidbody2d even after freed AND no collision? gif at bottom shows problem.)

I have a RigidBody2D with no script on it (it use to but I removed it for this test). Just default stuff set. It does have a sprite of a wooden box and collision shape though.
enter image description here

As well I've made an Area2D with a CollisionShape2D child in the shape of a circle. On the Area2D (that I named "ForceTest") I made it act kind of like a black hole. If the wooden box overlaps it, the box gets sucked into it's center. As well, in a script on the Area2D ("ForceTest") I gave it a timer to free itself after 1 second.

Force_Test script and Inspector settings

I also made a test room with a script on it that allows me to create Force_Test nodes wherever I click.

So here's my problems. When the ForceTest frees itself, the box still is pulled into it even though it's gone. And any new ForceTests put down also pull on the box, even if it's not overlapping it. However ONLY NEW ForceTests effect it. Any ForceTests before the first collision don't effect it (as shown at the beginning of the gif). How do I fix that? (thank you for taking the time to read)
Bug example

Godot version v4.1.stable.official [970459615]
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