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So for my first game in godot I've been making a platformer. I have an area2d with a death script collisionshape2d as a child. The code for the script is

(sorry I can't make the sample code feature work)

extends Area2D

var deaths = 0

func onbodyentered(body :PhysicsBody2D):
deaths = deaths + 1

This resets the player as I want, but what's printed in the console is always 1, no matter how many times the player dies. What am I doing wrong?

Godot version 4.0.1 (I think)
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Now I'm no professional, but try making the script a singleton (Project>Project Settings>AutoLoad)

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I don't work because you reload the entire scene with this script as well. This recreate everything including your counter go back to 0.
You need to save the counter in a singleton (in Autoload as mention by INeedMentalHelp) or change the way you reload your scene.

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