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It runs then closes

This is my code:

ctrl1.getnode("Question").bbcodetext = "[center]" + questions.keys()[chosen] + "[/center]"

Godot version 4.0.3
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I assume questions is a Dictionary? What keys does it contain? What's the value of chosen at the time of the error?

Normally, I'd expect some sort of Invalid get index 'x' error on a Dictionary rather than an out of bound error...

--- Edit ---

Ah, right, the result of keys() IS an array - hence the array oriented error...

here is my dictionary array.

I declared it as
var questions: Dictionary #To Store the Questions

1 Answer

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You can use this for an easy fix. Basically let say we have this : arr = ["apple","banana"] then arr[1] would be equal to "banana" and if you tried to do arr[2] you get a error like that.

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I still get the same error

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