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I've been trying to tackle this issue from a design perspective, and I am not clear if the approach I have in mind is the most efficient given the feature set of other components like InputMap.

The current approach I had in mind was to use various InputEvent tracking to pull the value of the scancode, assign it to a Singleton object, and then listen for that scancode to be thrown in another InputEvent elsewhere in the game.

Does this sound like a scalable solution? When I looked at Input Map, the documentation implied that once its set, its not possible to edit. Also, is there a reason why the scancode value returned in an InputEvent doesn't match the set constants for the key in @Global?

Just looking for feedback here. Thanks!

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InputMap already allow to add, modify and remove actions (is what the editor do), there is a official demo about input mapping you can check.

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I am not sure why you want to check scancodes, for hard coded binding ?
Check this part for setting a default mapping :

And you can edit InputMap programmatically :

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