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Okay, so I've been stuck on this all day.

I recently got a 144hz monitor and previewed my game. There was a huge jitter when moving around with my rigidbody character.

However, I changed the "fixed_fps" variable in the settings to 144.

Now, the jitter is GONE completely!

However. When I export my game, and then play it on a 60hz monitor, the jitter is there.

How can I set the fixed_fps variable dynamically based upon the users monitor's refresh rate?

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Experiencing the same problem with a very simple 2D game prototype running on Godot 3.1.1 stable release.

Varying frame rate on slow hardware is also a problem. Setting fixed_fps to the monitor's frame rate is not enough in that case.

I also tried to increase physics rate to 250Hz. While the jitter got a bit better, it still persists and very much visible.

I tried interpolating the rendering position based on last physics position, linear velocity and time. It did not eliminate the jitter.

Maybe there is a way to call physics in lockstep with rendering (using a varying delta), which should also work okay as long as rendering fps is high enough.

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See #24769

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