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If I use a bunch of individual images, do they combined into a texture atlas on export or will I have to do that myself?

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  1. open Export > Image Groups.
  2. make a name in Groups and click plus button.
  3. select images you want to make atlas.
  4. Turn on the atlas at left down corner.

you can see how atlas will be made by clicking preview atlas button
and this atlas will be made on every export.

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How can we know if that atlas is used when running the game?
Because in the editor, if I open the Debugger and check the texture size based on resources, it shows around 7MB, and it shows individual images in the project.
If I run the game and open the performance, it shows the texture memory around the same 7MB.
The draw calls for 2d shows 0 everytime.
I think we need a runtime stats like those in Unity including a frame debugger.

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