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Probably a simple question here, is there a way to write a function in a global script that takes a node as a parameter that can be called by any specific nodes in a scene? I'm trying to make an inventory system that I can instance into every scene that will have functions that tell what to do with an object when clicked. ie "putInInventory", "sortInventory", "combineItems", etc. I'm guessing for the actual argument I could use the getnode but I'm not sure about the syntax for the parameter in the function definition. Would it be something like:
func moveItem(node):


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Yes, that's right.

Passing in a Node is exactly as passing any other type.

You just have to add the proper logic about which Node to pass, but that's up to you. :)

Not exactly pertaining to the question, but you would write node.set_pos(Vector2()) instead, at least for a Node2D.

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Thanks. Yeah vector2. I always realize that when I try to run it the first time. I never remember to do that before.

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