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ERROR: ShaderGLES2::get_current_version: CanvasShaderGLES2: Fragment Program Compilation Failed:
0(276) : error C1008: undefined variable "_lightmult"

I've got a uniform variable called "lightmult" in the shader. It worked fine when there was 5 parameters but since I added another one it started breaking sometimes. In editor or in game. Can't really work with screen all white...

Edit: reduced bitterness...

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The uniform starts with an underscore? it may fail on some systems.

No, the uniform in the shader doesn't, but the error log shows it with the underscore.

Right now the best solution I have is open-close-open-close... until the shader compiles and further work is possible.

You should create a minimal project and upload it in a Github issue, so devs can see where the bug is.

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