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Hi all,

I just wanted to say thank you to this group in particular for all the help to release my latest game. I can't express enough that without the help here I could not have finished ANY of my games. So thank you.

Like many here I had MANY incomplete projects floating around. Excuses like family, friends, activities (not to mention work).

When I turned 40, I determined to myself I was going to finish a game in my 40th year. I learned python, then GDScript and now 4 games later I'm happy. They're all just clones to learn but I put hard work into them and I'm now confident that I can move on and make the game I really want to make.

Hangman, then Tic Tac Toe, then Pong and now Breakout.
Here's the link
Android, OSX, Linux and Windows.

Best of luck to everyone who's struggling finishing a game. This is how I did it, small and simple. I'm now going to rest for oh... about an hour... :-) then start on my own game idea!

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The breakout-Win.exe doesn't run on my win7(64bit).

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