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Is this possible? I'm interested in seeing if you could add a backdrop to the all black border around the viewport during runtime.

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Not quiet clear for me what is your goal, but maybe a screen-space shader would do the job.

He is talking about the black borders that show if you set your aspect ratio to be fixed, because then if the screen/window size doesn't match, Godot creates black borders that can't be drawn into (and I don't know how tbh, maybe there is a hack I don't know of :p).

This issue talks about the reverse in order to avoid borders:

Someone else tried to adress black margins too, but it wasn't accepted. There is a discussion though

I was referring to the black void around the game window when the app is full screen. Apologies for not including specifics. But yes, I was interested to see if I could place a border around the game window. Seems like this may not be the case for now, though. Thanks for the information.

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Hi there,
I've played this game made with Godot 2 and it is responsive.

So it must be possible to catch the event of resize_screen (pick to right one ^^) and replace the elements in there, or use containers ?

In the game above there is event the particles moving on the screen, in fact all the graphics fill the window. Play with it in windowed mode and resize it!

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