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How to know the screen position of a node2D?

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get_global_transform_with_canvas() will return a node's transform relative to your viewport. The o property of this will be that transform's origin (position if you will).

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As of 3.1.1, o had been renamed to origin so get_global_transform_with_canvas().origin

Perhaps i'm mistaken, but in my tests, getglobaltransformwithcanvas().origin is giving me the global position, not relative to the viewport... how can i get that position? I need to use it on a shader.

It returns the position to the top-left corner of the window for me in the 2D Platformer demo. You probably wanna open a new question for this.

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But doesn't the node.get_global_pos() gives the position on the "world"?

If a camera is centered on a node, the node will always be centered on the screen (same screen position always), but the node global pos will be changed as the node is moved.

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